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Best practice guide for the Belgian diamond industry


This best practice guide for trade in the Belgian diamond sector – drafted by AWDC private foundation and endorsed by the supervising authority, the FPS Economy – contains specific guidelines improving transparent and modern diamond trade and contributes in particular to:

  1. A better protection of the commercial and legal interests of diamond traders.
  2. A sustainable and transparent relationship with banks in the diamond sector.
  3. Conformity with legal and regulatory frameworks such as accounting legislation, fiscal legislation, custom legislation etc.

Whereas this is a best practice guide, certain legal obligations are included in this document too.

This guide is inspired on the recommendations made in the ‘Risk analysis money laundering in the Belgian diamond sector (2017)’. It touches upon the anti-money laundering legislation, although this guide does not specifically deal with the obligations following from the anti-money laundering law. The latter are dealt with in the ‘Anti-money laundering policy for the Belgian diamond trader (2019)’ drafted by AWDC.

The guide is available both in English and in Dutch. You can download the excel templates (Register) in the menu at the bottom of this page (Documents).

For more information about this document or other legal matters, one can get in touch with the AML & Compliance Helpdesk of AWDC: Trissia Stavropoulos, Head of Compliance at AWDC,

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