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Due diligence guidance for import of rough diamonds from CAR

Kimberley Process compliant ('green') zones on 05/12/2019: Berberati - Boda - Boganangone - Boganda - Carnot - Gadzi - Mbaïki - Nola

If a Belgian diamond trader intends to import rough diamonds directly from the Central African Republic to Belgium, he will have to take into account the following:

1. Before importing, the diamond trader is to perform enhanced vigilance to ensure that the rough diamonds are all originating from compliant (‘green’) production areas. This means the importer has to ask guarantees from his CAR supplier, that all diamonds indeed originate from any of these eight compliant areas.

If the supplier indeed provides these guarantees, the Belgian diamond trader can import the shipment into Belgium accompanied by a valid and validated CAR KP certificate, according to the KP regulations.

When shipping through Diamond Office, the accredited diamond experts will scrutinize the rough diamonds to verify their compliant origin, as they do for all rough diamond imports within the KP framework. Once verified, confirmation of the import of the parcel will be sent to the CAR KP Authorities.

2. As part of industry self-regulation, the World Diamond Council (WDC) administering the System of Warranties, requests all importers to confirm the import of CAR KP certified shipments to the KP CAR monitoring team. Thus, when a Belgian diamond trader imports diamonds directly from CAR, he is requested to notify this import to WDC via