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7. Labor in Belgium

Labour law in Belgium is implemented on an international as well as national level which includes the Collective Labour Agreements (Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomsten or CAO’s) agreed between the sectors and the respective Joint Committees (Paritaire Comités).

Regulation is extensive, complex and connected with the individual and collective employment relationship between employer and employee.

 In general, employees are highly protected, since they are considered to be the economically weaker and dependent party.  Therefore, sanctions for employers who violate these formalities and regulations are severe. 

Moreover, the diamond industry in Antwerp consists of workers, traders and companies of diverse nationalities, which makes it very complex to comply with all formalities and regulations.

In order to provide a general and comprehensive overview of the actual rules and regulations on labor in Belgium, we have made a brief summary of the most relevant subject areas to the diamond industry.

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